Martha Kauppi

Martha Kauppi is a marriage and family therapist, educator, AASECT-certified sex therapist and supervisor, and AAMFT-approved supervisor. She has a private practice in Madison, Wisconsin, specializing in couple therapy and a broad variety of sex-related issues. Particular interests in her practice are sexual health and function and alternative sexualities. She is passionate about helping therapists gain cultural competence working with marginalized sexual populations — for example, those who have alternative relationship structures such as polyamory. Martha’s lifelong career in health and sexuality includes years of providing obstetric and gynecological care and sexual health and family systems counseling as a midwife. She has done technical writing about sexual health; taught physicians, nurse practitioners, and counselors how to be more effective helping with sex issues; created an innovative 600-hour curriculum for midwives; and developed and taught a graduate-level course for therapists about sexuality. Currently she runs an online training for therapists to build substantial skill working with sex issues. She has presented to the public on issues ranging from alternative sexualities to improving orgasmic function, and to therapists about every conceivable topic related to sex and sexuality. Martha is known for her warmth, humor, creativity, and ability to inspire. Her mission is to create a cultural shift: What if every therapist felt comfortable, competent, and confident including discussion of sex in the normal course of therapy? What if every client could expect their therapist to be able to hold steady and help skillfully with ANY topic…even sex?

My Sessions

Workshop 09 – Working with Polyamorous Clients

Working with Polyamorous Clients: Cultural and Clinical Challenges and Strategies Are you ready to hear your favorite long-term couple client tell you they are fighting because one of them is interested in exploring polyamory and the other is not? Would you choose to work with a couple who told you on the phone they live […]