Shawn Giammattei, PhD

Shawn Giammattei, PhD

I personally feel called to be a bridge that helps people heal their separations: separations from themselves, from each other, from their communities, from their environment, and from the world/universe. It is in service of this mission that I teach, write, and speak on the subject of gender health, couples, youth, and families. I have had the honor of serving the transgender community for over 20 years.

While it was never my intention to become a” professional queer,” it appears I was called to it. I am a member of the LGBTQ+. I identify as a queer male with a transgender history. I also have had the honor of a being in a relationship with my amazing spouse for over 29 years. We are one of those couples that not only survived, but thrived through a medical transition that started ten years into our relationship. I also walked through all of this with my family, who had their own struggles, but we all became stronger through the process. It can and does happen!

As a clinician and educator, I have gone on the journey to being a Gender Affirmative Therapist. Just because I am a part of the community, doesn’t mean I was automatically a good gender therapist. I had a lot to learn, uncover, and discover about myself, the models I use, and how I approached clients to get to where I am today. And I am always learning.

Needless to say, I bring a lot of knowledge and personal, true-life experience to the trans conversation. I have been on the journey and have helped many clients, families, romantic partners, and providers navigate their own journeys and heal their separations.

Through the Gender Health Training Institute (GHTI), I provide live trainings & workshops, digital interactive courses, coaching, mentorship, and resources to help providers gain confidence in serving trans youth, couples, and families. GHTI represents my still ever-culminating endeavor to bring healing, knowledge, & real solutions to the problems affecting the trans community and their families, as well as guiding providers on their own self-discovery gender journeys along with data driven trainings that will move them from uncertainty to confidence in their gender affirmative practices.

We’re all on a gendered journey. I believe that being able to provide our clients with sincerity and gender-affirming solutions, we as clinicians must become aware and informed about our own journey.

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